Google Spying

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Google Spying


Google spying carries out the practice of keeping an eye on somebody's private information or secrets without the permission of that person. They do this to collect the personal, professional or social interests and data of the person and use the collected information for their strategic advantage. Keeping an eye on somebody's personal data usually comes in the section of unethical practices, which is unacceptable by the majority. Nobody likes to be watched, regarding what data the person is searching and browsing on the internet. Google spying comes under the heading of cyber spying that is in trend these days but not taken in favorable terms by the public because it violates the terms of the privacy. (Vascellaro, pp, 1)


Google although claims that it does it just to gather the interests of the user, so that it can provide the data and services according to the interest of the user. It also says that it is doing for ease of the user, and by doing this user's time is saved and with less input, the user can get greater output in return. From Google's perspective, this sounds very pleasing and in favor of the user, but if you look into it extremely then it brings a lot of reasons to go against Google's spying.

One of the recent incidents, that happened with a lot of users because of Google, was it started collecting data regarding the websites people are using through their wireless network, and for that Google sent their street view vans in different areas of America and all around the world to capture street images and to locate the Wi-Fi networks, but what they did was totally unethical and unacceptable. They with the help of Wi-Fi connections captured the information about the user regarding what sort of emails they are doing, what websites they are ...
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