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John's Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels

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John's Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels


As Jesus appears to the disciples by the Sea of Galilee after his resurrection, he comes as an agent of change. In this role, although he encounters the disciples first as a group but in subsequent scenes, he interacts only with Peter. Examining this pericope of John 21 using socio-rhetorical interpretation reveals different concepts in these texts. This paper organizes around two elements of socio-rhetorical interpretation: Inner Texture and Intertexture. The topic explored here is Jesus' leadership in bringing change to his disciples. Jesus uses a way of bringing this direction to his followers (Schubert 2008, pp. 96-135). Discovering this “way of leadership” is the question and once discovered how does it compare with other models of leadership and how does it apply in modern contexts?

The Gospel of John

Gospel is originally not an artistic product, but the message of salvation which has brought Jesus Christ as the eschatological bearer of good news of God and the early Church, according to the post-Easter situation now as the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the crucified, and risen, to the side of God increased Messiah and the Lord understands. Mark has certainly created the literary genre gospel and he has filled so that the word gospel with the idea of a historical chronicles representation of the appearance and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth again. The gospel-term with its distinctive aura has never quite lost yet. He always included the right to be evangelizing. The Gospels are religious writings. Nothing else would the Johannine works, as Jn 20:30-31 is emphasized.

Also, the synoptic gospels never represented only a biographical interest. Now, if the claim of history in John's Gospel after the proclamation of faith and the formulation of a theology quite ...
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