Gotic Literature

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Gothic Literature


The name Gothic literature is derived from the similarities that are present in the Gothic cathedrals of the medieval times, along with the unrestrained style of the architecture and often grotesque ornamentation. However, the thoughts of the supernatural motives have been appearing for a long time in literature but it is most prominent in the literary genera which are labeled as the Gothic literature, this was developed specifically in the 18th century and it is mostly devoted to the horror stories, and the darker supernatural forces. Gothic literature focuses on the fascination of the humanity which involves the grotesque, the inexplicable, unknown, and the frightening aspects of the universe along with the soul of human being (Smith. A, pp.78-99, 2007). In this assignment we will be briefly discussing the theories of Drawn and Freud, along with that we will be analyzing and comparing two novels with the Drawin's theory of degeneration (Gothic Literature, 2007).


Darwin's Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution proposed by (Drawin. C, pp.8-45, 1936) toppled the scientific community in the middle of the nineteenth century. His theory proposed that the small changes that have occurred over billions of years have resulted in the creation of the species that we have today in our world. He quoted in his book. “It is the fittest who will survive in this world” which means, that the species who successfully adopt the environmental changes are the one that will survive, while on the other hand the species who have a weaker genetic line will fade away from this world.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution - The Premise

This theory of evolution is a widely held notion which states that all the living beings are related and all of them descend a common ancestor such as, the bananas and the birds, flowers and the fishes all are related. The theory of evolution proposed by Drawin presumes that life is developed from the non-life along with the stresses present inside the living thing that are purely natural and descents with modification. The theory proposes that most of the complex creatures existing in this world have evolved from a much more simplistic ancestor naturally over the period of time. The occurring of random genetic mutations within the genetic code of an organism, in such cases the mutations that are beneficial are preserved because they could be used for aiding the survival in the coming future, this process is normally known as “The Natural Selection”. After preservation, these beneficial mutations are than passed on to the next generation. As time passes by the beneficial mutations accumulates and the outcome of these mutations results in an entirely different living organism, it doesn't means that it just comes with some variations, it is a creature that is exclusively different from its ancestors (CHUNG, M. C., & FELTHAM, C., pp.67-87, 2003).

The Natural Selection

While the theory of Evolution proposed by Drawin is relatively a young archetype, just like the world view regarding evolution which itself is very ...