Government's Grant Schemes For Solar Panels

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Government's grant schemes for solar panels



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Government's grant schemes for solar panels


The topic in question has arisen due to debates within the media (i.e. negative press as to whether the government grant is actually the best option for the consumer) whilst also being nationally promoted with the aim of making England more sustainable and eco-friendly.This comprehensive study will explore sustainability. As this topic is extremely vast a stakeholders map was used to narrow down a more specific area of interest. The area identified for research was the Government's grant scheme for introducing solar panels to homes across the country. This topic was chosen as it could potentially give reassurance to a current issue. It will outline the main principles involved and compare the benefits to the Government and consumer (Weiss et al., 2008).

The findings from this research paper will provide some clarity into what schemes are available to the public and the types of funding provided by the government. It will also determine the beneficial outcome for both parties, highlighting whether the schemes are really for helping the public and environment or if there is a hidden agenda for the government. The results of this paper will give the public a better understanding of the scheme and possibly create confidence in the government if the outcome is favourable (Uddin et al., 2008). Alternatively, this report may expose flaws in the scheme and discourage the use of solar panels with a detrimental effect on the public perception of the government and its spending (which at present is a key issue).

Aims and Objectives

The central aim of this paper is to evaluate and criticise the Government's grant schemes for solar panels. It will then conclude which off the two parties benefit most from the schemes.

The aim will be achieved by completing the following objectives;

- Identify and explain the government schemes currently in place.

- Critically analyse the different schemes involved.

- Identify the advantages and disadvantages for both consumer and government.

- Evaluate the results found from the research and derive a conclusion which answers the aim of the report.

Literature Review

Sustainability is the source of the selected topic for this research project. Sustainability can be defined as “the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own need.” (The World Commission of Environment and Development Brutland, 1987, 'Our Common Future').

In the 1980s there was a remarkable resurgence of interest in environmental issues, particular those involving the atmospheric environment. (Global Environmental Issues, A Climatological approach, David ...
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