Grant Proposal For Laundromat

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Grant Proposal for Laundromat

Cover Letter

Fundraising for a GNE Laundry Shop

Date: October 30th, 2012

Address of the Receiver

Dear Mr.

I am writing this note on behalf of 'Creativity Unleashed', an NGO founded by the former student's of St. Terrace high school. This NGO is currently directed by me, Mr. (name) and is supported by my fellow mates functioning in different industries. Our main aim is to help people with hygiene problem and clean surroundings. With this idea, we have decided to launch a laundry shop in the city of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Here, there is an urgent need to start a laundry shop due to lack of confidentiality with hang-drying garments and there is no safe water supply meaning that poor people are not capable to wash themselves and their clothes; thus spreading various diseases. For this purpose, we would like to raise funds to fulfill the desired targets and need you generous assistance in this matter.

Thank you for taking into account our application and offering your time. In case, you desire to know more about this plan and the various features linked with it, please free to get in touch with us on 555 - 5757 - 8484 between 9am to 9pm. will make sure that you get a timely respond.


(You're Name)

Grant Proposal for Laundromat

Executive Summary

It has been observed that the business of Laundromat services not well established in many areas of Nigeria is. After considering and analyzing this state, there felt a requirement to register a company with the name of GNE Laundry Shop. The main purpose of starting this business is to offer dry Laundromat services in a very well-organized way in different regions of Nigeria. It is a full-service coin-op laundry, which offers service in washing and drying, committed to constantly offering great customer contentment by rendering dependable machinery and providing dirt free, pleasant environment at a competitive pricing and value relations. The time is right for starting this new project. After tolerantly researching for three months for the ideal location, one was at last discovered. The demand of Laundromat Service, the goals of the vendor to start his personal laundry company, and information to support the project, has made it a great business option with great prospective.

GNE Laundry Shop is also offering a membership to its consumer. It can play a significant role to make them trustworthy. The shop is looking forward to have a database and website (in progress) for its clientele at which they can verify their accounts status online with GNE Laundry Shop. The firm has segmented total market and selected the target sector and come up with segment requirements that get together the customer approval with most recent technological expertise. To stretch the responsiveness about the GNE Laundry Services, some type of promotional activities (electronic, print, outdoor media) will be used to support this service. In accord with the business condition, it has also projected its asset and financial requirements that will be required to operate the ...
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