Grant Proposal For Our Children (A Children's Charity)

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Grant Proposal for Our Children (A Children's Charity)

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The children's charity organization Our Children is currently devoted to providing welfare and other services to the children of the United States and now we plan on going global, helping all those who need it. It has been estimated that about every 3rd of the child in Nigeria is living in poverty. Most of these unfortunate children exist in the rural areas of the province of Uyo. Accordingly, the project of the organization aims to help these children through its various programs. These programs include child shelter, education and child development, health and nutrition, children and HIV/Aids, and rural children program.

The total budgeted amount for the next year is around $1.5 million. While it will be possible to accumulate the $500,000, the remaining $1 million can only be obtained through this grant. The budgeted amount ensures that all of the programs with entire lists of activities are implemented. In addition, the budgeted amount is also quintessential for achieving the various project objectives.

It has been estimated that Our Children will be significantly able to help the children of the province of UYO through this project. The children will be provided free education, means for sustenance, livelihood for their parents and guardians, awareness regarding HIV/Aids, and other development activities like participating in camps, and taking part in tours and travels. Still, the biggest budget is that of the rural children program as it is clear that the rural poor children are in the most need. They need the organization to help them through their charitable activities. Accordingly, Our Children expects to spend another $500,000 on rural children in the next year project 2013.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2

Introduction to the organization5

Problem statement6

Project objectives7

Project methods and design8

Project evaluation10

Future funding11

Project budget12


Grant Proposal for Our Children (A Children's Charity)

Introduction to the organization

Our children is a children's charity that has been working for the welfare of children since the past 10 years. It has initiated and completed tens of programs that have benefited the lives of children in the United States. Our Children aims to provide exceptional services to all children in America who need our support. This support comes in the form of helping the families, helping the children, rescuing children, providing shelters for children, providing education to children, fighting children diseases and illnesses, and providing other support for children such as physical activities, etc.

Our Children was established by Mrs. Grace who is the wife of Mr. Jones, the successful businessman and owner of the Jones & Company. She started this charity to protect and safeguard the American children when she had encountered some children who were being neglected by their single-parent, impoverished families. This occurred in the rural area of Texas. Accordingly, most of the children's work is performed by the organization in rural areas. Still, the urban areas also have poor and needy, and accordingly Our Children is spread throughout the United States from Maine to California to Florida to Washington.

Our Children has more than 6 ...
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