Greek Warrior

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Greek Warrior

The ideal characteristics of a Greek warrior in The Iliad

The Greek warriors used to equip with metal muscular armour, which they worn with leather investor with wings (cops). Greek warriors did not bring gaiters, the use of leather flaps deemed necessary for the soldier to fight insecurity for the unshielded lower half of the body. The gunner's image had also featured helmet Thrace-attic type with anatomical cheek and shield type weapon. The type of this shield mentioned by Homer in the Iliad is one of the shields that were used by the Greek warriors more. Constructed by one or more layers of skin, with certain exceptions such as the shields of heroes Odysseus and Ajax of Telamon who had between four and seven layers of beef and leather respectively. These layers of leather were stretched on a wooden box with internal support from lattice branches, probably wicker. The Special English scholar Peter Connolly in his book, “the martial art of the Greeks” states these shields as tower shield because of the dimensions. According to the Greek definition a true hero must have following qualities (Atchity, pp. 119):

Combat skills and accuracy.

The high-quality leadership, which demands allegiance and loyalty of his men.

Acts of courage that inspires others to behave in a brave way in the war.

Possession of good moral ethics and has also inspired others to imitate

Greek Warriors are the ultimate predators: While lower predators specialize in one prey, Greek Warriors consume, assimilate and prey on any and all information and data about everything else in this universe, including other Greek Warriors.

Greek Warriors admire hard work, meticulous studiousness, effort, commitment, patience, perseverance

Comparison and contrast of the characters of Hector and Achilles

The Iliad comprised of several male characters with heroic characteristics. The heroic mythology of the Iliad revolves around two main characters Achilles ...
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