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Identify and analyze the objectives of GREGGS

Greggs is the largest baking food retail company in the UK, an estimated 15.5% share of the total market. Greggs is also designed to increase their share of non-market. The two most important factors for the success of Greggs in listening to customers and learning from mistakes. Offering quality products at low prices and put local people first in the way they conduct their business as their main strategy. Greggs was based in 1919 and commenced its first shop in Edgware, London, UK in 1929 although; over the decades it has developed to become the market leader inside the UK food retail segment. (Dunnhumby, 2009, 60)

Purpose of Greggs

Greggs uses a differentiated marketing strategy for consumer trends. The company targets several market segments with separate offers for each of the purpose. (Porter, 1985, 45)Greggs targets mainly consumers living in urban and suburban areas, as well as consumers living outside the city or area in suburban locations. Greggs Metro stores modern shops designed for consumers living in urban areas, especially civil servants who want to buy lunch or go shopping on the way home. These stores are located in the city center and offers products to customers of quality

Pest Analysis


China's succession to the WTO by removing all obstacles have been encouraged to promote the Western companies, including Greggs, making it the world's most lucrative markets, including more than 1.3 billion people of the free flow of overseas acquisitions. In 2009, certain characteristics of Greggs were set to buy shopping centres in development projects in China, premeditated sequence of the junction. This shows that Greggs is planning to capture bigger market in the next two years.

Economical The economical Greggs behaviour has a broad and vast impact because customers buy their behaviour exactly. Although the British officially announced the financial and economic downturn in 2008, the Government dropped significantly in the interest rate assistance, to minimize the further increase in unemployment throughout 2009, but with the advent of Tosco's economical study it will be able to play an impressive role for the betterment of the overall economic situation of the country. (Porter, 1985, 45)


According to a survey young generation population will increase in the U.K, as a result retail stores or companies such as Greggs will have a big part to play in the betterment of the society in the long run. Younger generation will be more focused on technology oriented products rather than looking for any thing else. Although the level of Internet literacy to the community fall under the age of 65, it is predicted, both the old community and the younger generation will shop online this will be a better option for everyone in the coming era or in the next two to five years. (Mall, 2010, 10)


The key to gain advantage over competitors in the macro-environment is to use connection through technology and gain advantage with using better and advanced technology. It has been provided that procedures and methods and nutritious food store retailers, is ...
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