Grendel's Apology

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Grendel's Apology

Grendel's Apology


I am Grendel, the feared monster that once lived on the moorland ( 2012). Descended from Cain from the race of the giants, it was I, who survived God's flood. I had much faith in my own powers, and I thought I was invincible. My neighborhood was the Danish realm which was ruled by the virtuous King Hrothgar. He ruled his people with justice and treated everyone with fairness. Being a monster it was in my nature to survive, and we monsters from times of old had been man-eaters.


This fight with my human neighbors started when I was disturbed one night by the Danish people. They were singing, and dancing and celebrating upon a grand feast given by the King. So much was the noise in the great hall made of gold, it pained me. He made that hall to honor his great Kingdom and his power. The hall was Heorot and the people were very happy. The fault lay with me as I could not bear another's happiness. I was in pain when they made that noise then I knew the time had come to tell the Danish who was more powerful. I descended upon the Heorot and attacked the people. A great tragedy fell upon the people because of my hunger and angst. I came upon them, and they could do little to fight with me. I finished many of the King's men and fed my hunger.

My anger did not stop at this because I wished to capture Hrothgar's throne for myself. Lo, I could not touch it for it was protected by a very powerful god (Abrams, et. al 2000 pp. 29 - 32). The god was more powerful than I was. I knew I would never be able to capture this great throne. Great sadness had come upon a people who meant no harm to me. I fought those who were weaker than I. The good King was very noble at heart and did not wish to see his people perish before his own eyes. Since that night no one would dare to enter the Heorot for fear of being eaten.

For twelve years did I keep the fight with the good King and then he decided to leave the realm. His men had suffered because of me, and he did not wish for his men a fate that would surely result in death. I ...
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