Group Development Paper

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Group development paper

Group development paper

Some work teams develop to a stage where they're cohesive and achieve impressive synergies of the team members' efforts and capabilities.  The process of building such teams requires members to get to know each other and negotiate roles and norms.  The negotiation process can involve frustrating interpersonal conflict.  On the other hand, some teams don't have enough conflict because they don't engage in a healthy debate of their ideas, and they do a poor job of decision making as a consequence.  To promote synergies, managers need to guide teams through the sometimes-difficult stages of team development.(Kaempf,1992)

How to maintain the team at the performing stage?

Top basketball coaches can make the challenge of team development look easy, but it's actually quite complicated.  Coaches have to decide which plays their team has enough talent to execute, and they have to teach their players to work together to execute those plays.  For instance, the bigger players must learn when to expect the smaller players to shoot (so that they can get into position for rebounding) and when to expect a pass.  In addition, all players must learn when and how to help each other while playing defense.  When basketball season starts next fall, Coach Bill Self will have to do a lot to develop effective coordination among the players on his team at the University of Kansas.  Although the Kansas team that just finished the 2002-2003 season was excellent, most of the key players will be in new roles and Coach Self will be new to the team.  He was announced as the Head Basketball Coach of the University of Kansas' men's basketball team yesterday.  He has his work cut out for him.Basically there are three stages of team development forming, storming, and norming.

How will the team know it ...
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