Group Dynamics

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Individual Evaluation of Group Dynamics

Individual Evaluation of Group Dynamics


Rudeness and Incivility

Offensiveness and incivility amongst workers are widespread all over the trade world. By means of the emphasizing on earnings and planning about the controls of the labor costs, nearly there are numerous concerns of reducing or developing from the need of politeness inside the place of work. Rudeness and incivility might cause the overall performance of the employees which results in the performance of the organization as well. Special care should be taken to manage and oversee the incivility and level of rudeness in individuals and should be managed accordingly (Bierly et. al, 2009, pp. 551).

Every individual prefers to work in a healthy environment where he is given the respect and treated no biasness. Yet, there are significant facts that the “Social” working atmosphere is the immunity rather than the standards that are designed in order to facilitate the organization solely. Incivility is defined as the rudeness and discourteous behavior towards someone that can offend an individual without considering the norms and the social communications and relationship building, the standards of an organization is consists of the basic norms and values that are developed and designed considering the formal and informal policies of the organization (Brooks, 2007).

Rudeness and incivility negatively affect the organization's performance and it has a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the concerned product or services that organizations are ultimately offering. According to one survey of by the University of Michigan which reveals the fact that the level of satisfaction of the customers are not met by the American business, the reason was the employees that were came across the rudeness at workplace, which ultimately results in the performance of the organization and customer satisfaction. Yet, organizations are not paying attention to this significant problem (Waggoner, 1998). Surveys that were conducted by the University of Michigan suggest that customer satisfaction with American businesses is not very good (Trigaux, 2002). The University's study concluded that 75 percent of Americans have encounter rudeness in the workplace.


Group Dynamics

In today's globalized world; employees tend to be more independent and groups and teams are formed in order to achieve the targets with the means of getting work done to show the authority, the value and the ability of an individual to work in a team. It allows them to adequately meet their objectives (Kichuk & Wienser, 1997, pp. 195).

Organizations that value the creativity focuses on the creative measures that can be taken for the future success of the business and the creativity relies on the abilities of the employees, these organizations value their human resource and consider them the assets of the employer, making groups and teams facilitates the potential of an individual to perform with energy, creativity and their skills that are integrated with the team to achieve the end goals of an organization and the combined competence of an every individual makes it more effective. One of the most commonly observed issue with ...
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