Growing Trend Of Internet And Social Media

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Growing Trend of Internet and Social Media

Growing Trend of Internet and Social Media

Growing Trend of Internet and Social Media


The use of computer systems has become the necessity in everyday life for everyone. Nowadays, people heavily rely on the use of technology like internet and computers to gather information, to stay up-to-date on the social and national issues, to communicate with others, to buy their required commodities, and as a learning medium. Due to the popularity of such networks or systems, the companies engaged in these businesses are observing a positive upward trend. The consumers are willing more to spend their money through computer and internet because they don't want to waste their time in bouncing from one store to another to search of different commodities. Due to such growing trend, the businesses involved in the online selling, needs to be more capable of meeting the consumer demands due to the increase in online traffic. Failure to meet the demands on time will result in the loss of business and negative image.

It is an ultimate reality that internet has grasped the attention of many entrepreneurs, business observers and investors. However, the question is about how to use the internet and social networks to better position the product or brand to gain competitive advantage over the competitors. Although internet has created new industries like online auctions and digital markets but it has enabled the existing businesses to reconfigure by effectively and efficiently communicating their messages to the consumers and to build a strong customer base. The businesses have now realized that they have to capture the customers through a small virtual window. Despite of using traditional stores win which people used to spend hours to search for their desired products, they can now easily and quickly purchase their desired commodity.


The effectiveness of Internet advertising depends on the demand for Internet services, which are constantly growing. Accordingly, the advertising placed in the network grows. Online advertising and business are phenomenon of the new generation, which are ideally, interrelated. Advantages of online advertising is that now the Internet is available for virtually everyone, and projected its popularity will only grow with each passing year. After all, the internet can earn and spend money, watch and download movies, chat with people and learn. Therefore, advertising on the website in one of its kinds, in any case will draw attention. Your goal in placing the advertisement will be the only right choice and assessment of target audience who will be visiting the right site. The cost of placing Internet advertising is much lower than the cost of traditional methods of advertising. But its effectiveness has proven to be much higher. Of the users now prefer to seek the necessary services to them via the Internet, as such a method is available at any time, is convenient and fast. And besides, saves money, so it does not require the purchase of newspapers and magazines (Evan and McKee, 2010).

A recent study states that social networks have a major ...
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