Gun Control

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Gun Control


Gun control is an issue that has remained the subject of intense discussion and debate ever since the civilian acquisition and possession of weapons became possible (Streissguth; Watkins). It is an issue that has remained in the spotlight on account of the degree of impact that it has on the social fabric of society (Cothran; Gold). Considering the fact that a single bullet can take a life, it comes as no surprise that there are different perceptions on the subject; each of which is defended aggressively by those who subscribe to it (Neill; Roleff). However, over the last few years, the debate over gun control has taken a new turn - a turn that could not have been projected and/or expected to take place in the past (Henderson; McGhee). Nearly a dozen shootings have taken place in educational institutions in the last decade. Incidents such as these raise questions about the degree to which firearms actually help serve the purpose of protection (McGhee; Roleff). This discussion will shed light on the subject of gun control and attempt to draw attention to the sensitivity of the situation. The essential purpose of the discussion is to assert that the debate over gun control has lost the direction that was necessary in order for the debate to reach a conclusion. Instead, gun control is now a term replaceable with gun politics (Streissguth; Watkins). The discussion will give special attention to the latest approaches being exercised towards gun control. In order to do so adequately, the discussion will give special consideration to the recent consideration to allow students to carry concealed handguns in Texas College and University campuses. The reason for adopting this approach is that this measure can be considered to be a turning point in gun control.

Discussion & Analyses

The most riveting news to hit the headlines with regard to the gun control issue pertains to the legislation that is under consideration in Texas (Streissguth; Valdez). The legislation under consideration aims to allow college students to carry (concealed) handguns; on campus. Notable school shootings that took place in the last few decades include (but are not limited to) the University of Texas Massacre, Olean High School shooting, California State University, Fullerton massacre, Cleveland School massacre, University of Iowa shooting, Lindhurst High School shooting, San Diego State University shooting, Columbine High School massacre, University of Arizona Nursing School shooting, Red Lake Senior High School massacre, Amish school shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Northern Illinois University massacre and the Oikos University shooting. Clearly, the consideration of the law comes forth as a sign that matters have now gone out of rational control. The ban on carrying firearms in public places is nothing less than a globally accepted standard (Watkins; Young). However, this law will change all that (Cothran; Henderson). The defenders of the law state that the purpose of the law is to allow better self-defense. In comparison, those who are against the law argue that almost all firearms that have been responsible for homicide ...
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