Gurov's Change Of Heart. The Lady With The Dog

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Gurov's Change of Heart. The Lady with the Dog

Gurov's Change of Heart. The Lady with the Dog


Published in 1899, “The lady with the dog” was written by Chekhov during his stay at a health resort in Yalta. He was made to stay at the seaside because he was suffering from tuberculosis. Some of his best stories were written during his stay there although he found the place very boring. At the time of publication, it was one of the most read stories and received positive response from readers (Chekhov Stories). The beauty of this story is that it neither condemns nor romanticizes the illicit relationship between Anna and Gurov. Rather, the author presents it in a simple and clear manner and allows the reader to perceive the relationship as he sees it. An important feature of this story is the change of Gurov's character from a womanizer to a sincere lover.

The story portrays Dmitri Gurov as a poor guy who is all the time confused about love, women, himself, and most importantly Anna. He is an attractive guy with features that is capable of driving women towards him. He took advantage of this feature to attract women so that he could sleep with them. In the opening of the story, he is described as a womanizer but later his character undergoes a change. This analysis will get the details of how Dmitri Gurov's character suddenly changed from a womanizer to a sincere person.

Thesis Statement

The reasons how Gurov's character changed from a womanizer to a sincere lover as the story progressed.


Dmitri Gurov, the protagonist of the story, used to consider women as belonging to a lower race, but he knew that he is more comfortable in the company of women. From the outset of the story, Gurov searches for women to love ...