Haemodialysis Patient Nursing Care Gibbs Reflective Cycle

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Haemodialysis Patient Nursing Care Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Haemodialysis Patient Nursing Care Gibbs Reflective Cycle


This essay will discuss a clinical skill in which I have become competent in practicing. I will use a reflective model to discuss how I have achieved the necessary level of competence in my nurse training programme. The reflective model I have chosen to use is Gibbs model. Gibbs model of reflection incorporates the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan (Gibbs, 1988, 88). The model will be applied to the essay to facilitate critical thought, relating theory to practice where the model allows. Discussion will include the knowledge underpinning practice and the evidence base for the clinical skill.

A conclusion to the essay will then be given which will discuss my reflection skills, acknowledge my competence and show my personal and professional development.


The clinical skill I have chosen to reflect on within this essay is the peritoneal dialysis catheter. I have chosen this as within my first clinical placement this was a widely used method of drug administration and I became involved in the process of Peritoneal dialysis catheter. I thus studied the theme of Peritoneal dialysis catheter and my information inside this locality developed.

The first stage of Gibbs (1988) form of reflection needs a recount of events. I was inquired to administer a pharmaceutical to a patient. I had discerned this clinical skill on a kind of events and had before administered a Peritoneal dialysis catheter under supervision. On this event I was being discerned by two trained doctors, one of which was my mentor. The pharmaceutical had been drawn up and was prepared to be administered and the persevering permitted to have a scholar administer the injection. My mentor was conversing me through the method step by step and acquainted me that I should use an alcoholic beverage swab to cleanse the injection location, when the other doctor cut off and said that this was not necessary. This was in front of the persevering, who then demanded that the alcoholic beverage swab was omitted as on preceding events this had initiated a biting sensation. My mentor said that this was agreeable and I proceeded to administer the injection, omitting the use of the alcoholic beverage wipe. On the preceding events when I had administered Peritoneal dialysis catheter I had not cleansed the location and had not ever been instructed to take up this practice.

I am now going to go in into the second stage of Gibbs (1988) form of reflection, which is a consideration about my ideas and feelings. I was cognizant of being under the supervision of two trained doctors and this made me seem very tense and self conscious. Once my mentor interrogated my perform, in relative to skin cleansing, I became even more cognizant of feeling tense and under pressure. The persevering was present and I did not desire the persevering to seem that I did not understand what I was ...
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