Happy Feet- Public Discourse Analysis

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Happy Feet- Public Discourse Analysis

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Environmental Stewardship2

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Happy Feet- Public Discourse Analysis


The presentation of public discourse analysis through film making is a widely used concept. The movie “Happy Feet” is one of those movies that portray the emotions, feelings and thoughts of creatures to influence the actions and behaviors of human beings. The movie shows the sequences that take place in the world through a bird's eye view. The logic and emotions presented in the movie impacts the thinking and public discourse of several people. The movie 'Happy Feet' was released in the year 2006. It is an Australian American movie made with the latest technological tools and an animated 2D musical film. The director and co writer of the movie Happy Feet is George Miller. The movie was made in the studio of Warner Bros. The cartoon movie became popular because of the presentation of different emotions and feelings of a creature in the movie that can be related to the human beings. The message given by the movie can be taken as a thought process for human beings. Therefore, it is considered as a way of public discourse. Movies are interactive and create a long lasting effect on the minds of people because of their different style of giving message or preaching. A critical review of the movie is provided in this paper.


'Happy Feet' is a story of a little penguin named Mumble who does not know how to sing but he was good at dancing. The movie depicts the emotions and feelings of people and the ways to deal with them. This makes it a movie of public discourse that presents a message for the people.

Environmental Stewardship

The story of a little penguin Mumble that was not good at singing which was ...