Harold G. Koenig

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Harold G. Koenig


The paper identifies the work of “Harold G. Koenig”, is renowned as a great surgeon. He has written many books, his main research was on the subject of health, ethical issues and religious uprights in medicine. His major achievement was the books he wrote during his career, Health Templeton, Religion and medicine. In order together more information he has travelled all around the world. His various books relate to presents the major practices and beliefs of many different religions; it also identifies the practices regarding birth, death, and dietary laws of the Christian Science.

Harold G. Koenig


Medical history is full of healing considered impossible, true "miracles". This essay, written by a surgeon who has put his theories into practice, will show how a gratifying emotional and spiritual, openness and understanding toward oneself and others, a willingness to change habits and negative attitudes , can deny a "verdict" that leaves no room for hope, developing the potential of self-healing that each possesses. Most of the research that has examined the effects of spirituality on health has measured spirituality as a distinct construct different from religion.

Harold G. Koenig, who is renowned as a great surgeon, was born in Dunedin, New Zealand. However, it is at Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University he excelled in golf and as a rower. The name Harold G. Koenig is recognized in the fast-growing field of health and spirituality. His contribution towards the field of science is highly appreciated by many doctors and researchers (Millard, 2010).

Thesis statement

The paper identifies the work and personality analysis of Harold G. Koenig in the field of medicine, health and religion.

His Nature and Education

Dr. Koenig has completed his undergraduate education from the Stanford University, thus, his medical school training was from the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Koenig is perhaps considered by many biomedical scientists as world's top most experts on health and religion. Moreover, his entire research on ethical issues, health and religion and in medicine has been featured on various national and international TV news programs (including News Tonight, The Today Show and ABC's World and also two episodes of Good Morning America), almost nearly a hundred national or international radio programs, and various newspapers and magazines (including Parade Magazine, Reader's Digest, Guidepost, Newsweek and Time).

As an undergraduate, he started the Ph.D. program at the surgical school of Prof. Roberto Alessandri and then to that of Prof. Peter Valdoni, undisputed luminary of Surgery in Italy, esteemed and admired by top surgeons from around the world.

Dr Koenig, M.D., MHSc is the second lead interview for this series (Dr Bernie Siegel was interviewed for the last show). Dr Koenig completed his undergraduate education at Stanford University, his medical training at the University of California at San Francisco and his geriatric medicine, psychiatry, and biostatistics training at Duke University.

His humility that he showed in human relations was even more emphasize the stature of a man of science, devoted incessantly retraining, as ...
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