Hazel Johnson-Brown

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Hazel Johnson-Brown

Hazel Johnson-Brown


Hazel Winifred Johnson-Brown is one of the most famous leaders in the field of nursing. She is an educator and has been associated with the US Army for the longest time. She also has the reward of becoming the first ever female US Army general. In addition, since she was black, she is the first to chief of the Army Nurse Corps. Her passion to serve the people around her and to become a nurse took roots in her early childhood when she was only twelve years old (McDonald, 2001). During her lifetime she faced much discrimination because of her color, but she stood against all odds and outshined many of her counterparts. She gained the highest qualification in nursing and took the profession that she so wanted to be associated with.

The paper discusses the contributions of the women to the field of nursing in the light of her nursing philosophy and leadership traits. She was a maestro who worked for the field of nursing and nurses not only during her lifetime but has left an everlasting impact on the future of nursing (Klakovich, 2009).

Contributions to nursing

Hazel Johnson-Brown has contributed to the field of nursing in many ways. She is an embodiment and sacrifice and struggle and fighting for the cause. She is and will remain an example for not the nurses to follow but also for people from inter-related fields. Her biggest contribution is to stand against all odds and prove her mettle. This has led to an equal treatment of women of color in the field of nursing (CHHS, 2013). She led the US Army to what can be called a revolution in the field of nursing in that she stressed a huge deal on the importance of evidence based practice and showing compassion towards the patient. She was a woman with a tender heart but one who would not sacrifice on quality.

The women's practice in nursing was based on the philosophy that those who come for care are tormented and need more than the stitching of their wounds. Hence, she introduced policies for bringing emotions to practice. She held that the true feelings that come straight from the heart are the best guide of a nurse's hands (National Visionary Leadership Project, 2012). Her achievements in the field of nursing, and US Army, are outstanding and through her dedication to the US Army she has made significant contributions to the field of nursing.

Advocacy characteristics of the leader

Hazel Johnson-Brown was a strong believer of advocating and supporting nurses who are most often underestimated and looked down upon even in the empire of note, United States of America. She suggested that individuals, families, and/or aggregates need moral courage (Langer, 2011). This is to say that she wanted nurses to be more than just helpers and show acts of courage in leadership. She said that the environment should be such that it facilitates healing and coping on the part of individuals and their ...