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Head & Shoulders


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the product of a company which has multiple SBU's. The company chosen for the analysis is Proctor and Gamble and the product chosen for analysis is Head & Shoulders. The paper makes discussion on the Head & Shoulders, its SWOT analysis and its comparison with three internal competitors. The paper also develops the strategy map including the four elements from the balanced score card i.e. financial perspective, customer perspective, internal perspective and learning and growth perspective.

Product Overview

Head & Shoulders is considered to be the number one anti dandruff shampoo in the world. Head & Shoulder is a very strong brand of Proctor & gamble and this brand has been introduced in 1997 in India. In India, Head & Shoulders is considered to be the best player in the niche of antidandruff in the highly competitive shampoo market of India. The total worth of the shampoo market in India is 1800 Crore, and still the major player is Head & Shoulders.

Head & Shoulder has the segment of anti dandruff segment with smooth hair. The main target group of Head & Shoulders is the brand conscious people who belong to the higher middle class who pay special attention to the health of their hair. The main segments of a product are based on the geography, psychography, demography and Life style. As Head & Shoulders is a FMCG product; therefore, the demography and the geography is not of much importance for Head & Shoulders. The main segments of Head & Shoulders are low price, black hair, anti dandruff and shiny hair. The increased quality of Head & Shoulders has made it a successful and strong brand. In order to develop its brand, head & Shoulders have developed a branding strategy which includes:

It has created the differentiation with the other anti-dandruff shampoos by the development of the ZPT element in it.

It has developed a strong appeal by introducing itself as the caring and mild anti-dandruff shampoo including different variations as per the needs of customers.

Given below is the SWOT analysis of Head & Shoulders:


Head & Shoulders is a very popular and strong brand. The main strength of the company is that the company is an International brand. These days' people prefer those products which are associated with any international brand. Head & Shoulders is a very dominant brand of Proctor & Gamble which is a financially strong company. Therefore, the strong financial position of Proctor & Gamble is also a very important strength of Head & Shoulders. Brand loyalty is the main essence behind the success of any brand. Brand loyalty means that the customer prefers your brand as compared to the other brands in case of repurchasing. Thus, brand loyalty is another strength of Head & Shoulders. The brand of Head & Shoulders is very well-known all over the globe which is the key factor behind the success of Head & ...
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