Health Awareness

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Introduction to Health Awareness

Introduction to Health Awareness


Health is the term for describing the state of being free from any kind of illness or diseases. Health is a form that assures the harmony between all the systems, organs and parts of the body. It is not a complete definition of health, there are a number of people who are not suffering from a disease but still they are not healthy. There are many people who assume themselves healthy but actually they are not. Health is actually an elusive word. Health is a term that is not only related with the absence of disease or with healthy functions of body parts or having positive thoughts. Health is basically considered as a holistic concept that is related to a person as a whole. For providing health awareness, programs are organized that can help in promoting a healthy environment (Great Britain: National Audit Office, 2012, pp.134-141).



The main objective of Health Awareness is to provide health related knowledge to the people for preventing and curing disease. The definition of health posses many variance as it depends on every individual. For example, some women like to show off their precious and expensive jewellery to other women who cannot afford it. There are some people who are completely irresponsible, they do not know their responsibility, and some men assume their wives as their servants. These people do not have any known disease but yet they cannot be considered healthy. Health seems to be the tri-une of three main sections including physical health, mental health and emotional health (Wall, 2009, pp.120-133).

Physical Health

Physical health is a term that defines a form of the body that includes perfect and harmonious physiological functions of all the body parts that are anatomically intact with each other. Even this definition is not covering all the aspects of health. For instance, many people who catch fever or cold with every climatic change, commonly it is said that they have low immunity but actually many of these people normal immunological tests as well as normal blood count. So according to above statement these people cannot be considered healthy instead they must be considered unhealthy. Actually their organ system collapse with every stressful circumstance

This shows that the definition of physical health must be extended including this aspect. It is a normal phenomenon to occasionally catch fever, stomach bug or cold. There is nothing to get worried about catching these minor ailments occasionally. It is actually the sign of health and its impacts are positive for the immune system. Occasional sickness and minor ailment helps to keep immune system in a good form. People who have never had any fever or cold symptoms in last many years are not healthy; actually many of them are unhealthier as compare to those people who are occasionally exposed to cold and fever (William, 2008, pp.65-78).

Mental Health

Mental health is based on the positive thoughts and ideas. Brain is a body part that deals with both emotional and mental aspects, ...
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