Health Care In America

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Health Care in America

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Health Care in America


Healthcare has been a highly debated issue within the United States of America for decades, the US health system is fundamentally based on private funding - American citizens either rely on employers to cover their health insurance or they pay for it themselves. The operating health care system is a huge burden to small businesses, unemployed people and the government itself. In 2002 the total health expenditure within America was $1.5 trillion and rising annually by 8%, of which only $713 billion came from public funding programmes such as Medicare, Medicaid and The Children's Health Insurance Program. (Mckeever 2006)[1] The rest came from employers and uninsured people's pockets. This essay will explore how much of a burden the US healthcare system is and on who, the system's strong points as well as negative and it will also explore legislation considered and passed since the welfare system was established. All of which will hopefully provide a clearer insight into America's health care system and whether it is in need of a radical reform.

This paer ansers the following questons:

Q: who gets health care?

Q: How many people live below the poverty line without health care?

Q: How is health care allocated?

Q: Who pays for health care?

Q: What is the President's plan for health care?

Q: To what extent would these changes address the current poverty population?

Q: How would it impact people above the poverty level?

Q: Who would this plan help and who would it hurt?

Q: Why are changes to health care being proposed?


President Obama entered the oval office on 20th January 2009 ready to fulfil his promise of bringing change to America. One of the key domestic issues he wishes to change is healthcare. Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden believe that American citizens are only offered two extremes in terms of healthcare; either government run control with higher taxes or insurance company private plans which operate without rules. President Obama plans to provide a health care system which is accessible to all, regardless of income, race or genetics. For currently uninsured Americans, a choice of new affordable insurance options will be made available, of which will cost Obama's administration $50-65 billion per year.[2] President Obama plans to undo Bush's previous tax cuts for people who earn over $250,000 per annum in order to pay for the new system. President Obama and Joe Biden strongly believe that the American health care system is failing, and with over 40 million uninsured American's, but the question must be why has the current system been left to operate in such a way for such a long time?

One of the biggest plans for reforming the health care system came in 1994 when President Clinton was in office. At the time of the proposed reform 40 million American's were without insurance and there was a high level of discontent concerning the issue from all over the country. A CBS ...
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