Health Information Systems

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Health Information Systems

Health Information Systems


Health information systems management is the design, analysis, implementation, and support activities related to information systems focused on health and health data (Nicholson, 2003).


AMR stands for Adaptive Mesh Refinement. It is use for multi dimensional solution of hyperbolic system of conservation laws often too time consuming. It is large range of spatial scale and often locally enhancement of resolution is sufficient

CMR: complete metabolic response: total disappearance of the fixation of 18 F-FDG in tumor volume that becomes indistinguishable from normal tissue (Meyers et al., 2002).

CMS stands for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Medicare is health insurance. It is type of insurance for older people with disability. To be eligible for Medicare you should have entered the U.S. legally and have lived here for five years.

CMS 1500 (formerly L & I Health Insurance Claim form) is an electronic form. CMS 1500 is to be used by providers for services reimbursable. Injured workers cannot use for submitting a claim to L & I.

CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology. It is a listing of descriptive terms and describing codes for reporting medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services executed by doctors. The purpose of the terminology is to provide a uniform language that will accurately depict diagnostic, medical and surgical services and thereby provide an effective means for reliable communication throughout nation among, patients, parties and third physicians (Duncan, 2005).

DRG stands for Diagnosis Related Grouping. The DRG system is one of many possible ways of classifying patients according to common elements. There is presumption that, if classification system is to be used for reimbursement processes, all cases in each group must be similar with regard to resource use. Based on several patient characteristics (the major diagnostic group, the presence of comorbid diagnoses, the presence of ...
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