Health Insurance Policy

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Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy


Your health, your well-being and care of your family start with your health insurance. It help in emergencies, to avoid having to pay exorbitant hospital bills and provides all types of medical services to prevent and detect many diseases. With health insurance, medical services need not be so expensive. That's why the health insurance gives you more choice and greater security (Hodgkin, & Garnick, 2009).

If you do not have health insurance, you're endangering the welfare of your family. It is important to remember that many hospitals and doctors will not see you if you're not sure. In addition to the prices of hospitalization can be very expensive. A hospital stay could cost a lot and if you cannot pay the hospital could jeopardize your personal assets. So to protect your loved ones and property for which you will have sacrificed so much, you understand how the health system of the United States (Donna, 1994).


Mental health benefits of health insurance have changed greatly in recent years. These changes are consistent with the national trend to control health care costs. It is important that you understand the mental health coverage offered by insurance so you can well defend the rights of your child according to the rules of your particular plan. Here are some useful questions you should do to assess the mental health benefits of their health plan or its associated health care (HMO) (Alfreds, 2006).

Sometimes the language used to describe your health plan you may find unfamiliar. Integral system (managed care) is the process where someone reviews and monitors the use and your need for medical services. Your insurance company can perform this function directly or hire a comprehensive health care company (managed care company) who takes over the control. The control is called utilization study (utilization review) and carried out by professionals such as nurses or social workers referred to as stewards of use or the case (utilization reviewers or case managers). The child and adolescent psychiatrist who treats your child may need to discuss treatment with one of the administrators so that the insurance will pay. Administrators have been trained to make use of the rules developed by your health plan. The review by an administrator - child and adolescent psychiatrist has to be ordered as a special case (Lobach, 2006).

Position in favor of the policy

However, it is advised that the person should go ask the doctor how often and how much monthly expenditure you make. Moreover, the benefits of health insurance are the items covered by the policy are immense. Here we must distinguish between medical benefit and medical necessity is not the same. The benefit is something that we agree on insurance that covers us and our policy. Medical necessity is something that the doctor has decided that it may be necessary, but may not be covered under our insurance policy (Lobach, 2006).

Insurance companies have different packages ranging from basic offering primary care and specialties to a complete package which ...
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