Health Policy Analysis

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Health Policy Analysis

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Health Policy Analysis


Being an analyst in a state governor's office, I have been asked to write a health policy analysis. The purpose of writing a health policy analysis is not an easy task to do. Health system within the United States of America and abroad comprises of various issues. The issues are certainly related to the access, quality and cost of the health care services. The demand for health care policy analysis is increasing with the time due to the implementation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The underlying policy changes have resulted in various requirements to adhere like the Affordable Care Act have created demands for the change in insurance systems along with a restructured health policy in relation with the delivery of politically difficult cost containment strategies.

The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the significance of health policy prevailing within United States. Various initiatives are required to analyze the underlying changes in order to formulate, implement and evaluate the health policy programs at different organizational and nationwide levels. This paper will address the urgent policy problems in order to enhance the prevalence of health care organizations within the systems of health care. It remains extremely important to analyze that the underlying changes within the health policies create an impact over the existing policies of insurance, economies of health, overall delivery of health care services within the premises of Unites States of America.


Problem Statement

Health care is essential for all human beings and comes under basic necessities. Therefore, government and private institution provided emphasize to health care. The improvement in health care system and reform can be seen in the current era. In this development, there is a huge contribution of previous centuries, explicitly 18th Century.


The study conduct in depth analysis of the factors that has an influence on health care reforms in America demonstrates an attractive parallelism related key issues. Although, health care re-organization in America during recent times was began and directed by US government and formulated on the basis of western model that is influenced by history, culture and possibilities. Recently, health care system and reform began to improve at a great extent. Professional or specialized societies were shaped across United States, and researchers shared their studies by publishing in medical journals.

Organized health care reforms were not available previously, but there were some options available for Americans. These alternatives were less or more reachable based on where they were used to live, such as on a farm or in a town or out in the backwoods. Emblematic alternatives accessible with respect to health care system/ reform comprised of surgeon, physician, physician, midwife, or housewife. Hospitals for the aged poor and the destitute were accessible in some locale, usually directed by convents, and were indeed not the first option for the average colonist (Grell, Cunningham & Roeck, 2005). In US, modern health care has come a long way, as its uncomplicated derivation ...
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