Health Promotion Pamphlet Analysis

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Health Promotion Pamphlet Analysis

Health Promotion Pamphlet Analysis

1. Layout appeal

Health promotion pamphlet which is taken from Northern Virginia Community Hospital basically titled with “A Consumer guide to Understanding Heart Diseases”. Initially they describe their mission and vision of the hospital. The basic purpose of this pamphlet is to influence and aware as much people to know and understand about the Heart diseases which really increasing with higher rate in developed countries. The pamphlet also briefly describe most commonly diseases related heart, like Angina, Arrhythmia, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Heart Failure and Valvular Heart Disease.

A visual feature of this pamphlets its color, color basically used to create attraction and willing to read the context. In this pamphlet the colors have been put together with decency and soberness, which really is the requirement of this profession. This really made the pamphlet more attractable. A picture of a happy couple at front, who basically enjoying their healthy life, focusing health is the key to every happiness. Which really make this pamphlet more meaningful for its target audience.

2. Content and quality

Content and quality of this pamphlets is very clear and as according to the requirement to make aware the public about heart diseases. Firstly Mission, describing the whole objective of the NVCH, that is quality treatment to the diverse community with best of their needs and expectations.

Vision of the NVCH, they are resembling with the beacon of powerful and leadership, that serve the community with cost-affectivity, high quality treatment and accessible to every possible care.

Furthermore they are describing, Heart diseases have emerged as the most leading causes of death globally, mostly in developed countries. Heart diseases as according to NASPE the number one cause of death in the US and specifically coronary diseases are the cause of more than 1 of every 5 death in the US. Heart causes not only taking lives but also the major cause of disability. Then they briefly describe the types of heart diseases. Angina

Angina is like a warning signal, when the heart is not taking enough oxygen-rich blood. Angina causes discomfort, pressure or chest pain.


Arrhythmia may define as fluctuation in the abdominal heartbeat that can fast and slow timely. This cause due to previously heart attack, or like some other factors of caffeine, stress, sleeps deprivation.

Coronary Artery Disease

CAD is defining as chronic diseases basically causes due to diseased coronary arteries, unable to carry oxygen rich blood to ...
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