Health Promotion Paper

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Health Promotion Paper

The paper presents the health promotion strategy proposed by nursing student team in their community placement at Aurora Sunrise Assisted Living. The paper will elaborate all the issues that are related to health. Further it will emphasize the model that will lead us to the socio economic forum. This is done so that the people living in the community will have that awareness to differentiate between a number of health related issue inside the community.

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According to the canamultiple health problems that still require resolution in all parts the globe. The rapid change and irreversible that characterize our times, projected force constantly to the future, but health systems have not even made progress at the rate imposed needs felt by the population. In industrialized countries, this delay is manifested in time failing to address problems health from lifestyle fostered by abundance, despite the large investments in the health sector and progress made. Awareness of these faults, for the past 20 years has been the starting point Several attempts to find the best course of action appropriate. In Europe, this effort was expressed in regional strategy for Health for All (HFA) adopted by 32 countries in 1984. But the idea of health promotion had already begun shape in 1974 following the report A new perspective on the health of Canadians published in Canada. This represents one of the first attempts of change the planning, traditionally targeted at services health care planning for to achieve a population and a healthy environment. Finally, in November 1986, World Health Organization, the Ministry Health and Welfare Canada and Canadian Public Health Association organized the first International Conference on Health Promotion in which together 212 delegates from 38 countries [including: Antigua, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, USA, Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Republic German Democratic Republic, Federal Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, St. Kirts- Nevis, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, USSR USSR and Yugoslavia] in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada),

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National spokesperson for the nursing profession, the Association of Nurses Canada supports nurses in their practice and advocating policies conducive to health and a quality health system, funded by the state and non-profit.

Causes and consequences associated with loneliness. By bringing together all stakeholders - the private sector, government, academics, representatives of non-governmental sector, as well as members of the public - to discuss global issues in a specifically Canadian perspective, the ICC helps to define a unique perspective on Canada's place in the world.

The loneliness of the elderly is due to several causes. They could be divided into three categories of factors: social, cultural and economic. First, the advent of the industrial revolution has removed the elderly in the labor market and thereby deprived him of a importaante source of social contacts. People would then become beings capable of becoming solitary individual at any time.

The medium of belonging is another factor. Some groups support their elders. This is the case of certain ethnic communities or rural ...
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