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Health Psychology Committee Report

Health Psychology Committee Report


In the attempt to enhance patient health, measurable by shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens, the Health Psychology Committee has developed a psychiatry division comprised of five specialists responsible for implementing psychological methods, which will enable the treatment of the patient on a more absolute level. This committee is to help in making a patient's life better. Moreover, the committee will make sure that the patient gets all the help he or she needs without spending so much time in a hospital or clinic. By this committee coming up with the best options, we may just improve hospital and clinic performances and respect from are patients, and also by doing what we need to do we will be sure and most adamant in following all protocols and regiment of the hospitals or clinics. In each hospital or clinic, we will establish a floor for division of psychiatry. On this floor, there will be four specialists with (specific) duties and there will be a child psychologist, substance abuse psychologist, adult psychologist, and inpatient only psychologist. On the floor, we will also have a pain management specialist to help maintain all of the patient's pain that the patient may be having after any medical procedures or treatment. We will be available to treat the whole patient not just their pain and to suffer our job is to make sure that patients are not stressed out before surgeries or treatment. We will make sure that the patients are comfortable and feel at home when they are in our care. Below will explain all duties of the four specialist our goal is to give the patients strength, hope and a positive outlook for self control for their lives and their health.


Adult Psychologist

An adult psychologist is almost the same as the child psychologist but, they have different duties. The adult psychologist is to help adults with relieving stress and help him or her with coping skills. The adult psychologist will be available to find out what can be causing adults to stress and help the patient deal with chronic illness if the psychologist patients have any. The psychologist is there to provide his or her patients with information and is also there to give a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation before any treatment is to began by the adult psychologist doing so he or she can be put on the correct or the most beneficial treatment plan that will focus on the patients issues or problems to make patient better (Houdmont, 2009).

During the patient's treatments, the psychologist will coordinate with other physicians and other divisions of care for their patients such as pain management specialist to make sure that the patient is not in any pain and to make sure that the patient is getting the right care for his or her condition. In the beginning of one's treatment, patient will be given adequate information on the hospital and procedures that he will be going ...
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