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This research paper represents the community health needs assessment part A in which, target population and, attitude of people is mentioned. In part B of the assessment, several surveys such as Windscreen surveys and Demographics are mentioned in order to clearly analyze the situation of the small community. The paper also represents potential goals and health barriers in the route of such applications of health care facilities to the students.

Table of Contents

Community Health Needs Assessment Part A4

Part B6


Windshield Survey7


Data Summary11

Data Analysis and Intervention proposal11

Consultation / education / counseling11

Home Care11

Personal care12


Operation of a facility in residence12

Barriers to Health Behavior12

Geographical Barriers12

Limited Services13

Cultural Differences13



Health Care Funding15

Healthcare and the Economy15



Community Health Needs Assessment Part A

I chose to assess the high school population ages 12-17. There seems to be an issue with illegal drugs in the small community in south-central MN amongst teenagers. The town is located in Brown County, MN and consists of approx. 3600 people. It is considered a place where “everyone knows everyone”. In this small community the residents have an attitude “it can't happen in our small town”. I have heard several friends of mine who are parents of teenagers say that they have caught their teens with drugs recently. This is why I chose to do a community health needs assessment in this area. In 2000, Brown County listed number 36 on the list of “Top 101 counties with the smallest number of children under 18 without health insurance coverage” ( The impact of this issue on society according to persons interviewed was surprised. The parents of teenagers interviewed were educated very little on drug use in the town. Priority health issues related to this population is that drug use impairs brain activity and leads to brain cell death. Cell death then could lead to teens not feeling smart enough to finish high school and then in turn could lead to sending them into poverty for not having an education. Poverty then could lead them to making unhealthy choices such as uncleanliness or not using the proper cleaning products that is appropriate for what is needed.

A lot of problems are based on communication and levels of education. In this certain town there are a lot of uneducated people. There have been wars in towns (related to communication) among the county and have gotten heated.(Brandt, 2006) The big issue on the community is that the drug problem is here and if the county does not work together to communicate it could get out of hand.

What I saw during my interview what appears to be a small community? The city is well kept, lawns are mowed, not much graffiti, cute little shops downtown and at least 4 bars visible off main street.

I examined a local survey from 2007 the average age in the population is 17-18 years old. Gender is 47% males and 53% females. Ethnic distribution is a wide variety with the white population coming in first at 91% and there were also mixed race as well as ...
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