Healthcare And Faith Diversity

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Healthcare and Faith Diversity

Healthcare and Faith Diversity


Perspective of spiritual healing in different faiths as a therapeutic method is not only a transfer of life force, favorably influencing the human energy system, its aura, or even cells, which in addition to the spiritual aspect has a corresponding frequency of brain wave frequencies of alpha, theta and delta. Integral part of the therapy session is a discussion on topics relating to issues of life of the patient and the use of techniques designed to start the process of healing situation (Ralph, 2008). The composition of these techniques may include, among others: relaxation, visualization, meditation, breathing exercises and movement, release methods of the past traumatic experiences, stress, relationship healing system, to improve contact with him. There are more and more scientific studies confirming the use, effectiveness and spiritual healing therapy safety. The aim of Spiritual Healing in different faiths gives the patient a chance to look at your life and interaction with the outside world, is not excluded from academic medicine today, but it is its complement, has no side effects, and most of all a man sees in its entirety(Arndt &Ostermann, 2006). The main focus of this paper is on the perspectives of Sikhism, Buddhism and Native American's faith on spiritual healing and providing healthcare in respective religions.


The genesis of the formation of disease: a sense of danger, guilt, fear or uncertainty, overload, stress, many of which are a component of disease should be recognized and addressed in this very sphere that can lead to disease and therefore the contents of the sphere and the spiritual realm, mental human and emotional (the sphere of nutrition, environmental factors not irrelevant) (Armin, 2009). Each of these elements should not be addressed by only a preventive point of view, but also in cases where the patient does not have a lot of chances of survival:   healing life situation can be part of a protracted life, improving the quality, reducing pain  , Strengthening the immune system.


Spiritual Perspective on Healing

Sikhism consists of different directions with very different views and schools. The doctrines and concepts of God are very different in the various currents, even the views on life, death and salvation (moksha) do not match. Most believers, however, assume that life and death, a constantly repeating cycle (Samsara), they believe in reincarnation. The spiritual practice includes, for example, rituals, worship of God, and the pursuit of individual liberation (Swami, 1998).

Critical Components of Healing

Despite certain variations and diffusion of several traditions in Sikhism, some of the most common component for healing and providing health are some Vedas, spiritual liberation, notions and cause effect (Karma) and Samsara.

Importance to People of a Particular Faith

In Sikhism there are several traditions and religions involved that have been diffused from India and the other parts of the world. The significance of Sikhs in their religion is the fact that they have firm believe on their religious traditions and abide by the limits. Especially the great religious traditions and ancient religions have produced a wide ...
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