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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Ever since my childhood I have been a driver of change, ready to embrace all the opportunities that life presents with open arms. This clearly means that no matter what the situation is I always tend to be a optimistic and look of the brighter sides with a flexible mindset. Ever since my childhood, I have traveled and toured meeting new people and making new friends. I shifted to two countries along with four new schools throughout my childhood, and it was due to this that my exposure towards the cross-cultures values amplified, through the introduction of divergent languages, as well as I also came to know to make new friends and networks. Moreover, I had the opportunity to learn new teaching philosophies, government structures, and value systems. I exploited all of this to my benefit by applying whatever I learned from the new environments in to my life. Thus, I have experienced immense personal development and growth.

I follow the school of thought of natural evolution, which us what has prompted me to embrace the learning curves concerning life science and technology. By now I have developed expertise in these fields, and have had the good fortune of applying them, as well. More than often I have been a change agent, whereby I design and implement states of change, in order to support and add to the betterment of the society.

Throughout my academic life, I have been enthusiastic to learn the dynamics of science and technology. This is the reason I chose Biotechnology as my graduation majors because it is the field of application of bio-processes in technology and medicine to produce bio products. A deep curiosity and passion for the field is what has motivated me to pursue my advanced studies in the subject from all the way from Nepal to the United States.

I graduated from Northeastern University, Boston as a Biotechnology student. I believe I made a wise decision to continue and explore the field of Biotechnology. The professionals now work towards improving the primary and preventive care. The focus of healthcare professionals is to capitalize on the explosive growth in global networking to utilize biomedical information. I have chosen this field because it involves scientific problem solving and decision making for the betterment of patients.

As a student at Northeastern, I learned the application and importance of Biotechnology and how to works to achieve advancement in ...
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