Healthcare Management Organizational Design And Behavior

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Healthcare Management Organizational Design and Behavior

Healthcare Management Organizational Design and Behavior

Answer No. 1

I believe money is not always a good motivator to increase the performance and productivity of employees. Employees require to be recognized, respected and enjoy the given task and responsibilities at work in order to outperform in the organization. Employees should be given appropriate and suitable trainings as per specific weakness and requirement at job to enhance skills and abilities of employees, the job responsibilities and tasks of an employee should be revised regularly and they should be given more complicated or different assignment in order to increase their interest and urge for work, employer should maintain a healthy and friendly work environment to boost the energy of employees and make them feel comfortable at work, and lastly employees should be recognized and appreciated for good and hard work on regular basis (Tirmizi, A. M., 2009).

Answer No. 2

The most important point to remember for a team leader is to not to be hard on team members with respect to assigned tasks and responsibilities, maintain a healthy relationship with each team member, encourage each team member to participate in meetings and innovating the job, promote the team unity amongst team members and formulate those employees together in a team that are already comfortable with working each other, identify and set the clear goals for every team member, and determine the required skills and abilities of a team member and assign task accordingly. These strategies are sufficient enough for a team to prosper and grow at a higher pace. A team leader can determine the motivational level in a team by the number of conflicts and fights amongst team members, performance and productivity level of a team member, corporation and coordination, all these factors help in determining if employees are motivated to work in a team.

Answer No. 3

The most appropriate way to resolve these kinds of bad quarrels at workplace is to initiate the healthy and positive conversations and meetings amongst parties or employees having conflicting views. Such a meeting should be aimed at listening to every party's view points and reaching to a moderate and cooperative solution. In such a case, the supervisor must maintain a friendly environment where all official communications take place i.e. every possible channel of communication must be open in a team (MindTools, n.d.)

Answer No. 4

Being a health care facilitator, the first and the most important duty should be to provide adequate care and support to patient. Harming a patient in any way intentionally or accidently should be reported and corrected immediately regardless of significant or not so significant impact on health. It should be treated as a serious issue and immediate actions should be taken that involves training medical personnel, punishing for harmful act, or reporting the error in medical machines as per the case. Therefore, one should behave honestly and take ful responsibility of his or her act as medical personnel are highly regarded as source of saving life rather than harming ...
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