Healthcare Reform

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Obama's Healthcare Reform

Obama's Healthcare Reform


It has not been an easy task for President Barrack Obama to pass the healthcare reform bill. It is well understood by him and the average people of America that this is a narrowed victory. President Obama took difficult measures in order to modify and improve the healthcare sector of United States. The major task of the plan was to provide adequate health care to all the citizens of America and improve the system that failed in terms of access and equality (Garson, 2010).

President Obama and his associates proposed solutions to the problems of the rising costs which ignores the basic economic laws of demand and supply. President Obama was off the opinion that if better access is to be provided to the healthcare, better laws and reduced prices need to be implemented.

Surely one of the major issues facing the Obama administration's U.S. health care reform is the potential impact it can have on the population. Despite the huge investment in the health care system, the concerns regarding the quality of healthcare insurance is still a concern. This paper highlights the insurance component the healthcare reform with respect to the minorities.


Since healthcare has been a top priority for all individuals residing and living in a particular economy, healthcare undoubtedly comes with a high price. The United States has many advantages to offer the new, but a stable system of affordable health services is not one of them. The crisis in health services sentence may be too soft. Costs soar, the trial proliferating. Special interest groups such as compound the problems. Racism, poverty, drug abuse and AIDS are worst issues. The significant portions of the box people can no longer attain adequate health insurance.

The reform of the universal health coverage in the United States is a particularly difficult issue. However, this project has never been more urgent to implement as this issue is important economically and ethically. During the past years Americans had no health coverage and this tends to penalize the American society (Parks, 2011).

Goal of the Reform

The goal of the healthcare plan is to provide health insurance to most of the Americans and to reduce the costs of health care. The estimated cost of the healthcare plan is 940 billion dollar for 10 years. This reform would help reduce the budget deficit by 138 billion dollars (Leary, 2009). Special federal service will be called upon to deal with unjustified increase insurance premiums, and other illegal practices of private companies, such as failure to enter into insurance contracts with an already sick person.

The major element that was discussed in the reform proposal was the creation of a federal presence (Alter, 2010). Every plan focuses on different points, but each focused on the individuals who are without insurance coverage but have the potential to purchase insurance. These individuals may purchase insurance from the private insurers or through a federal plan that may offer them a government subsidy towards the lower level of the ...
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