Higher Learning In Modern Business Setups

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Higher Learning in Modern Business Setups

In this modern age the nature of work has become more technical and complex. To compete with the business rivals the firms should have skilled employees and in this regard training is a must. This social trend where more focus is given on higher learning is prevailing in full swing in all professional environments. The paper assesses the professional skills required by the employers about computer and other modern equipments in modern business setups and discusses this challenge for the employees at length.

Computer-based work tends to increase cognitive load and hence the use of working memory, which also shows a decline with age). Beside that, older workers take longer to adapt to a new system of working and they are also less likely to be initially familiar with computers (Pillay, 95). According to Noe (p68) , the lack of experience with computers can make older workers more apprehensive about working with them and also make it less likely that they will know what to do in the event of an error situation, thereby increasing emotional distress.

Research into workplace behaviour has suggest that when employees get older, the motivation and participation in training and development activities are less compared to younger employees, creating a challenge for organisations (Birdi, 309). The employees working in modern business setups are used to entering and managing data manually, even though the method use are no longer efficient. Poor efficiency are seems less threatening than using something new which they are unfamiliar (Noe, 56). In addition, there are some existing explanations for poor participation such as impending retirement and the decline in older workers own self-confidence in their ability to learn and develop (Sheblak, 4). Since most of the workers are nearing their retirement age, often they are less motivated to learn ...
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