Hip Fracture

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Hip Fracture

Hip Fracture


Hip fracture is basically a break or crack in the upper part of the thigh bone which is also called femur. The extent of the crack due to hip fracture depends on the various forces and their intensity involved in then fractures. The various surgeries and treatment that are available for diagnosing hip fracture are basically based on the bones and the tissues which are affected by the fracture.hip fractures are based on four different fracture patterns and they are often occurred due to osteoporosis in most of the cases. The hip fracture is a very fragile fracture which occurs due to minor trauma with weak osteoporotic bones.hip fractures occur in people with normal bone when they suffer from high energy trauma such as car accidents.

It is evident from studies that older people are at higher risk of hip fracture. The reason is that the bones become weaker and weaker with age. This process of weakening of bones with age is also called osteoporosis. Other factors such as poor vision and many medicines also create balance issues in older people, due to which they are more likely to fall.hip fractures are usually caused due to direct blow to the side of the hips and other medical conditions such as cancer, stress and injuries can also weaken bones in people which can further cause hip fractures in later age. The patients that are suffering from hip fractures usually feel pain on their thigh. They will also feel discomfort in rotating their hip and moving their bone (Anwar, 2012, pp 21)

If the hip bone has been weakened due to any medical disease, the patient will also feel aching in the thigh bone after some period of time. If the hip bone is completely broken, then the leg will become shorter after some time as compared to uninjured leg.

In the following evidence based practice, PICOT should be used in order to formulate the research question. The research question of the evidence based research is what is the effect of delay surgeries on patients with hip fracture?

Description and justification of search strategy

Hip fractures are usually connected with high morality and also to permanent or temporary impairment oaf quality of life. Many studies have been conducted which have stated that surgeons and doctors should perform surgery for the hip fracture within twenty four hours of injury as earlier surgeries bring better outcome for the patients and help the patients to recover more quickly. Earlier surgeries also reduce the risk of complications and mortality. The search will be conducted after reviewing peer reviewed articles from the secondary data. Articles will be analyzed and results will be evaluated on the basis of the previous research done many doctors and theorists.

Research will be conducted by analyzing many articles and studies which have been previously conducted by several authors which have revealed that delay surgeries can have negative effects on the health of the patients. According to Verbeek, et.al, patients who went for a hip surgery after ...
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