Hip Hop Influence On Youth And Education

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Hip Hop Influence on Youth and Education


The origins of hip hop started in African American culture: young black in major U.S. cities began to cultivate this new musical style in the late seventies. In the nineties, hip hop became a mass phenomenon in the United States, and settled all over the world. In Spain the first hip hop song came in the mid-eighties, and her hip-hop culture, both terms, though often used synonymously, rap is just one part of the music of a culture also formed by break dancing (dance), graffiti (paint) and other elements such as beat box.

On the other hand, hip hop has always kept a very close relationship with the Latino community in New York. The first Latin DJ Disco Wiz, The historic B-boys, "Rock Steady Crew" were all but one of them, Puerto Ricans, while the first rappers combined bilingual English and Spanish in their lyrics were The Mean Machine, who recorded his first song under the label "Disco Dreams "in 1981, although the first major Latin artist Kid Frost corresponds to Chicano from Los Angeles.


Post hip-hop is competing that encapsulate generation's extensive cluster of natural compels and innovations and includes fresh public developments (i.e., women's motion, gay rights) that hip-hop has fallen recognizing or respecting. Hip hop and its leverage on American culture Hip-Hop Music now days, a leverage of Hip Hop on US citizen's heritage is simply clear. Consequences of Hip Hop music seemed evident by the way young people dress converse, stroll, and behavior. For instance, the dialect utilized in Hip Hop lyrics are normally short phrases and in broken English. It is the merchandise of culture and society. Main stream English has been changed by Hip Hop music signs that echo the variety of a heritage that have the influence to equipment itself to any individual who select to take part in it (Gordon p.367).

50cents and Michael Jackson

Every type of music enjoys a period of popularity. Many countries have their own cultural music or have a type of music that influences people. For example, hip hop music is a type of music popular in the United States. It has a large impact on teenagers and has influenced the lifestyle of Americans in many ways. It has influenced hair styles, clothing, and the way some Americans speak. Specifically, African-Americans speak in a way that sounds strange. African-Americans were to the first group to discover hip hop music and rap. Most hip hop music sounds similar to the way as African-Americans talk; in fact, white Americans now sing and speak the way that African-Americans sing and talk. This is a product of the influence of hip hop music on United States culture. Hip hop music did not only introduce slang, but it also bought violence and crime. Some famous hip hop singers sing about violence and incite teenagers to commit crimes. Michael Jackson is a legendary musician that influenced the American society he is known as the king of pop.

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