Hippa Violation In Pharmacy

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HIPPA Violation in Pharmacy


HIPPA provides rules and standards that must be followed by all the pharmacy companies to make sure that privacy and security of the records are maintained. HIPPA's main purpose is to protect the rights and information of every individual and organization. A case of pharmacy has been done in which HIPPA is violated and it has shown that how file was claimed on their behalf and what actions were taken by the government for violating HIPPA rules. In the end it was also discussed that what actions were taken by the company to make sure that such kind of thing never happens in future.

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HIPPA Violation in Pharmacy3

Thesis Statement3


Protection and Confidential Handling of Health Information4

HIPPA in Pharmacy4


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HIPPA Violation in Pharmacy

Thesis Statement

“The HIPPA rules can be violated in pharmacy companies so preventions must be taken to avoid violation of HIPPA rules”


HIPPA is an abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In 1996 this legislation was passed into law by the United States Congress under the Presidential rule of Bill Clinton in 1996 and also signed by him. Sen. Nancy Kassebaum had sponsored this enactment. As the name suggests this act concerns and protects several dimensions of health insurance and accountability. The basic functions that are dealt under HIPAA are as follows:

Provision and continuation of health insurance coverage for millions of workers and families of those Americans who either change or have unfortunately lost their jobs. This is covered under Title 1 of the act.

Minimization of frauds and abuses related to the field of health care,

Authorization of standards for health care information on large scales using technologies including electronic billing and other processes involving handling of medical data,

Necessitates the protection and handling of protected health statistics and other important data in a confidential manner.

 HIPAA is structured into different "Titles." For instance the circumstances initiating the coverage of health insurance are dealt with in Title I of HIPAA. Whereas, the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requiring the establishment of national standards for medical care involving electronic transactions and national identifiers for providers, and employers are recognized as Title II. Apart from this the Administrative Simplification provisions also attend to the safekeeping and privacy of health information. The objective of these standards is to enhance the effectiveness and efficacy of the country's health care system by encouraging the usage of electronic data handling systems in the U.S. health care system.

Protection and Confidential Handling of Health Information

The Privacy regulations of HIPAA involve development and following of practices and standards that make the confidentiality and safety of protected health information (PHI) certain when it is interchanged, received, handled, or shared.  All health care providers and organizations, as well as their business acquaintances are required to abide by this law. All forms of PHI, composing of paper, oral, and electronic, etc are covered under this.  Additionally, the requirement is to transfer only the bare minimum health information essential to carry out business.

HIPPA in Pharmacy

It is the responsibility of health information technology to make sure that the key elements which are health and ...
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