Historical Development Of Nursing Theorist

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Historical Development of Nursing Theorist

Historical Development of Nursing Theorist


In this paper, a timeline of the historical development of nursing science has been created which starts from Florence Nightingale till the current trends that are being followed in nursing. Furthermore, the development of nursing science with regards to years, theories, theorists, and events in the history of nursing has also been discussed. Besides this, the relationship between nursing science and the profession, and the influences on nursing science of other disciplines have also been discussed.


Development of Nursing Science

With regards to years, theories, theorists, and events in the history of nursing, there are major differences that have been seen in nursing science. In the initial years, nursing science was different from what it is today. This is mainly because of the changes in trends that have been witnessed. Initially, in the times of Florence Nightingale, nursing science was in a very pathetic condition and this is because the nurses did not receive proper education. Moreover, nursing was not considered as a good profession and no women from the elite class opted for this profession. However, even though Florence belonged to a wealthy family, she decided to serve as a nurse and to aid the soldiers who fought the war. This is the reason why she was very much dedicated towards her work and therefore, used to work day and night to serve the injured soldiers (Virginia Nurses Today, 2003). Moreover, she also educated the other nurses by training them. During this time, the nurses were not respected, however, after this, the nurses gained reputation and Florence was herself cheered for what she did. After this, nursing science gained importance and women started opting for it as a profession. This is the way in which nursing science developed, however, today science has progressed greatly and technological advances have been made. The nurses are being educated about the new methods and technologies that can help them in improving the services they give and they are also being taught about the techniques of nursing.

This shows that the nursing philosophy has greatly changed from the time of Florence Nightingale. Moreover, nursing science has also being given importance in social sciences and nursing education is being given importance in the colleges. With regards to religion, God has taught us to help the needy and to care for the ones who are in pain. Therefore, the teachings must be followed and care must be provided to the patients.

Relationship between Nursing Science and the Profession

Nursing science has gained importance in the world today, and this is the reason why many people are entering the profession. However, the findings that have been derived from the research tell us that the number of female nurses is higher than the male nurses and the number of male doctors is higher than the female doctors. Many men are of the opinion that nursing is meant for the females and they think that others are of this opinion because of which ...
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