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Women and American History

Women and American History


Throughout the history women generally have had fewer career opportunities and legal rights than man. However, in 20th century, women won the right to vote and their educational and career opportunities increased. But for these increased rights, women have fought to a large degree and accomplished a goal of changing views and reevaluating traditional views of their part in society. There are many women who have played major role in changing the sexual division of labor in the history of America; just their names have not gained sufficient recognition in the history as compared to men. In this regard, “compensatory” is the most recognized approach by scholars to the women history, used to bring improvement to the plight of women. Historians acknowledge the part women have played in the history of America, yet, they believe that women's part is minor, as compared to men' achievements. For this they regard that mostly women have not played major roles in different areas like army, state and businesses, just few names stood out for their distinctive achievements such as activist Dorothea Dix, Calamity Jane, Amelia Earhart and others (Buhle, Murphy and Gerhard, 2008, 37). On the contrary “Contribution history” recognizes women's importance in the development of America, but their roles have not been sufficiently recognized. In this regard, it mentions the biographies of Jane Addams, Sojourner truth and Ella baker, who played the major roles in the field of politics and human rights (Buhle, Murphy and Gerhard, 2008, 37).


Many women faced great difficulties in order to make society reevaluate women role, and due to their experiences and struggles finally the sexual division of labor has been changed. Among these the most important aspect is of race in women's life and its impact on the sexual division of labor. ...
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