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History of Community

Thesis Statement

The research focuses the culture and civilization of china and how it has moved towards modernization and betterment in the last decades.

Cultural History

The Chinese people skilled difficult time during the 1960s to 1970s. The natural disaster during the first three years in the 1960s directed to famine in the country. And the Cultural Revolution during mid 1960s to 1970s conveyed a turbulent era to Chinese people, which left a wound in the hearts of the people.

“However, during the Cultural Revolution, an era named as a "cultural desert", there were eight performances widely presented on the country's stages. Collectively, they are renowned as the Yang Ban Xi, or the eight form plays. The eight performances became Chinese people's major entertainment”. (Thomas 45)

They encompass Peking operas "The Legend of Red Lantern", "Sha Jia Village", "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy", "The Harbor" and "Raid on the White Tiger Regiment", the ballets "The Red Detachment of Women", and "The White Haired Girl", and the symphony "Sha Jia Bang".

Although the eight performances dominated Chinese people's cultural life, and were mainly conceived for political reasons, they achieved high creative measures because they were finalised by creative individuals after much polishing.

The performances searched inspiration from traditional Chinese operas and took cues from western stage conceive and play structure. Such as in the Peking Opera parts, they altered the abstract stage conceive usual of the Peking Opera tradition into genuine material settings usual of western plays. The parts furthermore creatively utilized a symphony ensemble to escort the Peking Opera singing. The narrative furthermore pursued a western play format, which was more compact, and directed to more mighty dramas.

At the end of the 1970s, when the Cultural Revolution completed, Chinese movies and melodies glimpsed rejuvenation. Film "Ba Shan's Night Rain" and "Legend of Tian Yun Mountain" are agent works. “These movies contemplate filmmakers' gravity about the past turbulent era. While video "Little Flower" and "Longing for Returning Home" were fine demonstrations of how to depict attractive minds and moving feelings.” (Edison 35)

At the end of the 1970s, taking a bench to watch a movie outside in the open air after evening serving of food became the most delightful thing for Chinese people to do.


With the fast development of the Chinese finances, sophisticated expertise has made likely of numerous new past times for Chinese people.

“Personal computers, MP3s, MP4s, DVDs, Flash video, all have become an indispensable part of life for the juvenile generation. A world broad web culture and mobile telephone note culture has taken shape.” (Yu 34)

Cinemas and theatres have become dispersed all round the towns and towns. Cultural undertakings are not merely things for some privileged elite, but for people of all strolls of life. Individuality is not only echoed in art, but in the distinct alternatives made daily by individuals.

In the coming days, we will take you on an enchanting excursion through the past six decades of Chinese culture, in the classes of movie, melodies, fashion, promenade, and fine ...
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