Hitler's Point Of View

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Hitler's point of view


The essay “On nation and race” by Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous pieces of literature by the dictator. It makes its arguments in a strong and straight forward manner, and if viewed with an open mind, is able to translate Hitler's views quite admirably. However, if inspected closely, one may come to the conclusion that his argument is based on a false analogy, one that lends its core focus from analyzing only half the facts. This is in fact what is meant by a fallacy, and it can be observed in our everyday routine lives, comments and opinions passed around and so on. When Hitler made his argument in the essay, he had hoped that through presenting a commonly known fact to his readers, he may compare it with another fact related to it and thus get the readers to believe in this evidence. However, the essay only turned out to be rich in detail and discourse while being without proof of the connection that would validate the comparison between his two points.


Hitler was of the opinion that inter-racial breeding shouldn't take place and that people of one race should only look for a mate within their own race. This practice, according to Adolf Hitler, was “unnatural”, thus his main argument in the essay is to make his readers believe and recognize this point. He does this through the inclusion of such terms as “racial purity” and inter-racial relationships for being “validated by nature”. He furthers his point through an example as well, saying that in the world of nature, finches can only mate with finches, and field mice with other field mice. Their intermingling would be sickening and unnatural, thus this analogy is set upon humans as well. This argument in particular is ...
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