Holland's And Two Dimensional Model

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Holland's And Two Dimensional Model

Holland and Two Dimensional Model of career Management

Holland and Two Dimensional Model of career Management


The Holland Model was designed by John Holland to help students choose their career path regarding their education and choice they need to make while focusing on the future development concerning their careers, occupation and job opportunities, the theory was based on two different functions like job classification and career choice. Dr. Holland described this theory with by positioning the psychological factor and he realized that an individual's behaviour is seemed to be the pattern of a common personality. His formulation of this model was categorized in six types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional commonly known as (RIASEC).

Realistic: the people who like to work with machines, tools and animals, they don't go for the social activity based professions like teaching etc. these people sees themselves as a practical, mechanical and realistic personality.

Investigative: those people who avoid being persuasive, leading or selling things, they like to read, believe in science, and try to solve maths and science problems.

Artistic: people having good artistic abilities, likes to work on art, music, dramas, crafting etc. these people sees themselves as friendly and trustworthy.

Social: people who help others when they need, they are more social and interested in counselling, nursing and giving information.

Enterprising: they like to be persuasive and lead people, they sell things and ideas on their own abilities, avoid analytical thinking and they value leadership in politics and business.

Conventional: they like to play with numbers, sees themselves as orderly and they are good at setting plans.

According to the model stated above gives a concept of how people choose their workplace depending upon their attitudes and people who choose to work in an environment where they find people similar to their personality traits are more likely to be successful and satisfied with their jobs.


As Holland model help students choosing their career path. Similarly, there is another model that is called “Two dimensional model of career management” which helps the organization to manage their human resource and work on their employee's career choice based activities. Once an individual realizes his capabilities and personality type than he applies for the job being a candidate, this is where an organization's role starts and their ability challenges to analyze what are the requirements of the organization and to judge the person according to the personality traits and skills of the applicant.

The above figure is giving a brief view on the “Two-dimensional model of career management”. The model encompasses two dimensions, the level of sophistication and the level of involvement which is necessary for an organization to position them according to the usage of each dimension. Organization and its managers need to work accordingly in order to avoid the clusters that are varied on the dimension of sophistication and involvement. The HR practices can vary on the size of the organization, its nature of business and personality trait that are hold by its ...
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