Holy Redeemer Hospital

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Holy Redeemer Hospital

Outline of the paper


This part comprises of the introduction to the health care services in the United States, and the level of involvement of information technology in the health care industry.

Discussion and Analysis

Discusses the facts about information technology and the extent to which it is incorporated in providing, and facilitating health care to the general public. The way health messages are contributed to the overall wellbeing of the general public.

Analysis of Holy Redeemer Hospital

Analyzes the selected health care facility, and the facilities it provides to its wide range of health information users.

Users of Health Information at Holy Redeemer Hospital

Describes the number of users that avail an array of facilities at the Holy Redeemer Hospital

Health care services at the Holy Redeemer Hospital

Home care services at the Holy Redeemer Hospital

Life care facilities at the Holy Redeemer Hospital

Procedure for users to access health information

Explains the different procedures through which user of the health care facility avail the services of Holy Redeemer Hospital; mainly, comprising of in-person, visits, published material, web health information and telephonic services.

On information system used in the Holy Redeemer Hospital

Explanation of the E-health system used by Holy Redeemer Hospital, as means to contact and provide service to their users of health information.


Key points and issues addressed in the research paper regarding information technology and its relation with the health care system in the U.S. Including the future of E-health system.

Holy Redeemer Hospital


The United States is generally viewed as having the best health care in the world—when best is defined as having the most advanced technology and highly skilled specialists. The financing of health care in the United States is part public, part private; part national health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, and several other government—sponsored programs; part employer sponsored; and increasingly individually purchased through private-pay insurance plans and out-of-pocket payments from consumers (Sultz &Young, 2009).

In their role of strategically managing through these storms, health care management professionals have been part of cost-cutting initiatives, of creating a highly competitive environment in which expansion and new technologies are undertaken to maintain market share, of strategically managing their payer mix, and of creating integrated delivery systems or networks that bring together under one organizational structure the various venues of medical delivery along a continuum of care to reduce overhead and marshal resources to retain patients within their systems and to expand services. Despite these initiatives, the rate of increase in the cost of medical care continues to outstrip other U.S. economic indicators. This paper critically analyzes the role of information technology in enhancing the health care facilities in U.S. particularly focusing on the Holy Redeemer Hospital, its services, its information system and the way its user access the health information.

Thesis Statement:

Information technology has affected the health care system in US to a great extent.

Discussion and Analysis

Technology is one of medicine's most fascinating dimensions. In a relatively short time, medicine has gone from a basic understanding of infection and its causes to the ability to successfully perform multiple organ transplants, to re-attach ...
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