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Home Health Care Nursing

Thesis Statement

"The nursing care on self-care practices to sustain life and health, recover from illness or injury, and to address its effects" (Creasia and Parker, 2007, p. 115).

Nursing Role

In reading the view of the Orem theory of self-care deficit nursing is very applicable to the nursing home. In my philosophy of nursing I've seen a lot of similarities with his theory. In nursing theory there are four central concepts of nursing, defined as a person, environment, health and nursing. These four concepts are recorded as meta-paradigm of nursing.

The concept of personhood has been central to theories of nursing. However, research and theory development have been based on a generic (single) person of a discourse-historical acontextual and holistic (Drevdahl, 2009). Thorne et al. (2008) noted that "the nursing students have tried to improve the subjectivity of the individual by increasing the complexity of the concept. However, the generic classification of the person as a single agent of risk categorization of people of good or point of view in an attempt to alleviate the complex problems of subjectivity. "

Scope of practice

At the clinic I am a nurse can control the environment. There is also a crucial aspect of the environment, what would be the emotional adjustment. If the patient, doctor and nurse are not emotionally intact then this can create a very non therapeutic atmosphere for patients, not allowing the patient to fully heal right. "Health is seen as a personal and individual process. The disease occurs when an individual is unable to maintain self-care as a result of structural limitations, emotional and / or functional (Creasia and Parker, 2007, p. 113 ). My philosophy on health is the ability to create and maintain good emotional, physical and be strong. On the contrary, the disease is a disorder in the previously mentioned state of being. The disease is not an isolated condition of patients but also affects the balance of family and caregivers. Nursing theorists have variously defined nursing as a learned humanistic art and science that focuses on personalized individual attention and group and a relationship (McEwen and Wills, 2007).

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Nursing is the ability to provide adequate emotional care, physical therapy in the best interest of the patient. Every teacher I've had has taught me on the basis of humanist art and relationships. ...
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