Homelessness And Foster Care

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Homelessness and Foster Care


This paper intends to introduce about homelessness and foster care. This paper will be of great use to the readers who are having issues with their children. This paper will discuss the significance of the foster care for the homeless children along with providing supportive arguments against the variations prevailing in the foster environment. The paper discusses how foster care protects children from abusive relationships and poverty and abuse are some of the major issues that contribute to the increasing risk of homelessness. Recommendations will be provided in the end so to help the parents making the lives of their children better.

Homelessness and Foster Care


The paper will explore the homelessness and foster care trends in United States. Younger generation experiencing being homeless and without foster care go through emotional concerns that impact their well-being (Farrar, Schwartz, & Austin, 2011). It is difficult for parents who open their gates to these children because of their emotional scenario.

Teenagers living on the roads need to go through recovery to appropriate their actions and provide them with lifestyle abilities to allow them to lead a quality lifestyle (Nunez, 2000). According to Thompson, it is crucial to assist the abandoned younger generation so that they can access proper tasks, knowledge, and possibilities that would make them effective people. Foster care comes in as one of the best ways of fixing the disaster of being abandoned younger generation in the United States. The following main points will be explored in depth in the research paper.

Significance of foster care for the homeless

Significance of foster care for the homeless will be categorized under the influence of siblings in foster health care together or separated, rationale for foster health care in homelessness and struggling youth encounter while in a foster health care setting.

Siblings in foster health care

In a case where children are to receive foster care, siblings should not be separated. Separating children from each other may cause serious solitude and psychological problem (Zito et al, 2008). Families with many children may have to separate their children from each other so that all the children get proper accommodations. The circumstances for location need a crucial research before splitting or placing brothers and sisters together (Shillington, Bousman, & Clapp, 2011). There are circumstances where there are no alternatives but to separate the children. Managing siblings effectively has far-reaching results on their life and future to a significant level.

Rationale for foster care in homelessness

The loss of family “orphaned youth need protection and support through foster care” (Shillington, Bousman, & Clapp, 2011, p.29) explains that a family atmosphere that does not provide the needed balance to children results in revolt and going to the roads involves foster care. Looking after orphans through foster health care provides a continuity that offers them support. Foster health care comes into play when the parents of a kid are not responsible causing risk to the kid (Neigh, Gillespie, and Nemeroff, 2009). Foster care allows the children and younger generation to modify their ...