Homosexual & Marriage

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Homosexual & Marriage

Homosexual & Marriage


The teaching of Bible and other Holy scriptures has taught us about every social concept of living. The most important aspect of social construct is Marriage. The Holy Book Bible has guided that Man should marry a women no other options are provided for marriages other than that. The only way of reproduction of a new man is through the process of marriage of man and women. If this would not be followed the mankind will stop and the human will become extinct. The paper aims to investigate the concept of homosexuality and marriage in the light of Bible.

There was a time when the royal weddings with grand arrangements and wedding of celebrities used to be the centre of attraction for entertainment media. Now days, another sort of marriage has also captured the attention of society. “Same-sex marriage”, a self explanatory phase, defines itself as a marriage between two people of the same gender, also referred as the Gay Marriage. This issue has become a very heated debate among youngsters nowadays. It is also a very sensitive topic as some people strongly support the notion by arguing that every man and woman has the right to select their life partners as per their own liking and desire. On the contrary, lots of other people argue against it on the basis of its ethical implications and medical complications.

Coming forward is the discussion against gay marriages and its justification in the light of sacred scriptures of Christianity along with its drawbacks and ethical implications to the society.

Concept of Marriage in Christianity

Marriage, in its simplest term, is a union and private relation between a man and a woman who are willing to commit to each other. This is the definition that we are known to and ...
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