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Horror Film


When we think of the “monsters” in our society, the first couple things that come to mind are terrorists, murderers, or people like drug dealers or rapists. When we think deeper into it, we realize that even though these groups of people are horrible and are out to hurt people, the actual people that are striving for this coverage are the people in the media.

The science and technology advance rapidly presenting dilemmas that come into play and the moral ethics of human beings. So far humanity has shown absolute irresponsibility in front of their actions and self-contentedness. That is the reason why the vast majority of our society makes the monstrous claims that, above all, a reference to the physical. The monsters are people physically and psychologically abnormal or different that does not meet the established patterns. That being marginalized and condemned by society are forced to suffer the eyesore. These are created to serve as a distraction from the evil that we assimilate. With regard to the foregoing Aristotle says the following. The monsters are mistakes of nature. The social-collective unconscious creates two types of monsters, one which exists, and other which are created with the help of high-level technology (Stanley, 4).

The human being is unable to perceive the true reality, as not being responsible for his evil acts, justifications for hiding his guilt. This is nothing more than individual behavior that makes society collectively. So to find the man face ethical dilemmas and move to what is wrong, what makes the world live a horrifying reality, this shows no guilt whatsoever for his frustrated feat.


Modern Mean of Monster

Faced with all that we know that man can do we have all the evidence conclusive that has given us of his utter lack of sense of ethics. On one hand, modernity has taken over the real concept of the monster and the Holocaust other form of industrialization and rationalization of death, which is eminently modern. On one hand, nuclear energy with all the advances involved and the other pump Cloning poses a similar challenge. Medical uses including improving the human species and could lead to a new social Darwinism. Everything we do has consequences, from the most important events of our lives, even the simplest. But it is true that we are always aware of them or their consequences. From this accounts psychoanalysis a subject divided into conscious and unconscious. In the unconscious lies the true reality and control of every action and awareness, certain times, you can abort the actions suggested by the unconscious if necessary(Mundorf, 655).

Fear is closely related to the relation of monsters and our society. It is that fear which is perceived in a very concrete in various works both literary and cinematic. In this sense both are presented by age, the ability to have already formed prejudices and life experiences. On one side is the fear of a child lost to the aggressive and terrifying mystery of an unknown world and fear of an ...
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