How Internet Has Changed My Daily Life

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How Internet has changed my Daily Life

How Internet has changed my Daily Life


Technology has certainly revolutionized our lives by making it more interesting, convenient and simple. Progressive thinking calls for making a continuous progress in every aspect of life and runs on the basic philosophy of “the simpler, the better”. Every famous inventor has been a progressive, believing in continuing social advancement, improvement, or reform and make things more effective and less complicated, thus more simple and useful. Thomas Edison had all these skills, and because of him, we can now go out in the dark on summer nights with our loved ones, park our cars and dance in the headlights (Bedi, 2012). Among many other technologies, internet is the one that has transformed people's life to an extent level. Like many other people, it has certainly affects my life too in many aspects.

Thesis statement

“Living without internet in 21st century is an absurd idea and internet has certainly affected every aspect of my life like many other people.”


When someone has to examine how internet affects his/her life, they have to imagine their life without it. When I do so, I certainly feel uncomfortable and incomplete without internet. Internet has become an integral part of my life. It is useless to mention that I use it whether I am at home or at my school, I keep on using it due to many reasons, such as for my education and for entertainment. Bu the main sphere where it has affected my life is my studies. I use internet for my lessons, my examination preparations and for my assignments too. For example, if I get stuck with some lesson or any topic, I would just simply search it on internet where complete tutorials are available for it. I never feel being left alone when I have internet at my side, I also use discussions board for my studies, where I discuss my subjects with others and that help me understand my topics with better insights.

Other than studies, much of my communication is depended upon internet. Few years ago emails were the pathways to exchange information and I was the savvy of it. I loved composing emails for my personal and school life but then there came social networks, which have made communication easier and more interesting. I have many relatives outside the city and even some of them are living across the borders, so staying in contact with them through telephone is not always very feasible. Social networks provide cheaper ways to talk with them any time I want. I chat with them and even do voice chat that is why I never feel like we are far away from each other; rather we are coming close more to each other with the passage of time. Other than relatives, internet has also given me some valuable friends who are with me for many years and they are more than internet friends for me now. Few of them personally visit me too and ...
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