How Should Internet Be Adopted In Primary Education System So That Young Children Can Use It Positively And Constructively In Order To Avoid The Menace That Comes With It

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[How should Internet be adopted in primary education system so that young children can use it positively and constructively in order to avoid the menace that comes with it]



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Together with accessible minutia and numbers on authentic Internet use of juvenile young children at dwelling, most study focuses especially on hazards and possibilities on Internet use of force. Little study focuses on function and leverage of parents in this context. In this study, methods of parenting Internet are distinuished and set in proceed to study leverage of authentic Internet usage of young children at home. Two percentages are differentiated in methods of parenting of Internet parental alignment and Parental warmth. Based on the reassess engaging 533 parents of young children in primary schools, Internet use has been changed from viewpoint of methods of parenting Internet. Results theme to aid high-speed Internet get get get access to to to at home. As for methods of parenting, there is the predominance of authoritarian parenting method (59.4%). methods contradict when instructing for parental gender, educational stage and age. Styles of parenting are more over adhered to stage of parents use Internet, Internet mind-set and Internet experience. Styles of parenting more over considerably sway children's use of Internet. Highest stage of glimpsed use by young children when parents take up the permissive parenting method, smallest important stage glimpsed when parents take up the parenting method authoritarian Internet. Internet method of parenting variables, demeanour of fathers of Internet, heritage and education of parents considerably expectation Internet use of young children in house (R2 = 0.44). Theoretical and purposeful significances are suggested and foremost headings for future research.

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Theoretical base: parent roles and parenting styles11

Internet Use In Education11

Internet And Students11

Internet And Teachers12

Internet And Parents12

Parent roles13

Parental control15

Parental warmth15

Integration Of Theoretical And Empirical19

Schools and unsafe Internet use20

Impact Of School And Parental Interventions Internet Security23


Research design26

Research Philosophy26

Research Approach26

Research Strategy26


Research instruments29

Research and testing procedure30

Primary Data Collection31

Sample Size31

Data Analysis31

Secondary Data Collection32


To what extent is Internet access at home related to characteristics of parents and family?35

What Internet parenting styles are being observed?35

To what extent are Internet parenting style dimensions related to family/parent and child characteristics?36

Relationship between parenting style dimensions and parent/family characteristics36

Relationship between parenting style and child characteristics38

To what extent is Internet usage of young children influenced by parenting styles and related family and parent characteristics?39



Appendix 1:. Translated version of the Internet Parenting Style Instrument62

Parental control62


Stopping Internet usage62

Internet usage rules62

Parental warmth62



“How should Internet be adopted in primary education system so that young children can use ...
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