How To Motivate Hotel Maids

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How to Motivate Hotel Maids

How to Motivate Hotel Maids


This paper will discuss the motivation level of western motel's maids, the consequences it can bear if the problem is not solves, and the various motivation theories and leadership styles. Motivational and leadership qualities are not only essential for upper management in business but these qualities are essential among employees as well. Many people often have a tendency to be a leader, while some leasers go on to be effective leaders by learning successful leadership behaviors. Leadership is all about leading others. It is very important for leaders to understand that what will motivate others. If leaders want to create or continue a change they should know how to influence their followers.

There are variety of skills can be used in an organization through which there can be motivational and leadership promotion. Basic things or needs should be remembered and a look at how people react on personal level. One main thing should be kept in mind and it is very necessary to make sure that leaders should not expect others to perform certain tasks that he himself do not expect for himself. One best way to become leader is to be a good example for others to follow. There are so many terrific leaders with different approaches and personalities (Rowe, 2011).

Physical changes

Physical changes are essential in order to give a new sense of responsibility and engagement with work having an unfamiliar environment. In the given case, we can change the duties of maids, the job locations, working hours, and add activities (Sachau, 2007). Basically, job rotation within the organization contributes as a physical change.

Sources of Motivational Needs

There are several sources of motivational need, needs being anything that is required, craved or useful. Theorists have spent years studying motivation and in doing so they determined that there are several sources of motivational needs. Some of these sources are:

Spiritual - understanding ones purpose in life.

Cognitive - problem solving and decision-making abilities.

Behavioral - reaction to stimulation

External - related to behavioral.

Affective - relates to self esteem (enhance feeling good and reduce feeling bad about oneself).

Social - the need to interact with other individuals. Biological - bodies needs (example water and food) or taste and touch.

Personal identity

Personal identity is a pride that we have at the moment birth, but begins to take shape since childhood, therefore, we not born with an "I" with an identity, but the gain as we get make a world organization that we surroundings. Job satisfaction is found to have a direct negative relationship with turnover intention. It indicates that the effect of job satisfaction on turnover can be enhanced in two ways; namely, when employees find congruence between their job and their personal identity, and when involvement in such jobs enhances their overall life satisfaction.

On the other hand, turnover can be considered as cost of running a business. So changes can be made in terms of effective communication, and proper goal ...
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