How To Play Different Paintball Scenarios

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How to Play Different Paintball Scenarios

How to Play Different Paintball Scenarios


Think of yourself in the midst of the forest while holding breath to hear the slightest sound or sense the movement. The adrenaline is racing through the body and you could hear your heart pounding hard in your ears. Suddenly, the moment comes for which you were waiting for patiently yet eagerly. You put all your attention towards the point where you have noticed a movement, at the far east of the field. It is the final member of the opponent team which will mark your victory if gunned down successfully. You locked your shoulders tightly and aim the muzzle at the target. As he draws closer told your position, you aim carefully while wrapping the meaty portion of your pointer finger around the front of your trigger mechanism. Slowing down your breathing and while lying in the prone position, you squeeze the trigger taking the final shot that wins the game.

This may sounds like some sort of movie script but a game savvier know that it is about some fun and excitement filled game and yes, this is what actually happens in different scenarios of the paintball games. I started playing the paintball games at the age of 20 years. I won and lost many games but every time I learnt new skills for attaining the victory such as team work, surviving, winning and sports man spirit while losing the game. Although there are many scenarios in which paintball games are played but personally I enjoy playing last man standing, capture the flag, and every man. Now that you know what I am talking about, I will tell you how you can experience fun and excitement while playing these games.


Last Man Standing

What will you do when you are the last man standing from your team while others have been lost their lives while the other team has still got few guys to carry on the game? Will you panic or keep playing? (Chicalo, 2010). The aim of the game is to stay as a last player on the field. Everyone made player leaves the field of play immediately, of course (Roza, 2007). Thus a situation is avoided; persist in all games in their coverage, there after a certain time, Sudden Death mode.

Once this is called, the players have to try a specific point on the field to ...